Selvedge Sewing

Selvedge Sewing (spelled the English way, like my favorite magazine of the time - Selvedge Magazine) opened as First Samples closed. It was my DBA for freelance pattern making and soft goods product development. I operated under this name in Austin, Texas and then after I moved to Tucson, Arizona it was the name I gave to my modern industrial studio where I intended to start up the second generation sewing lounge with a better administrative back end. It was a great little studio near the University of Arizona where I worked, hosted events, met people and created. The studio was closed in 2015, not even a year and a half after it opened, so I could afford to focus on creating and launching TUBSKY™.

Selvedge Sewing wasn't a failure even though it closed. It also didn't become the success it could have been given a few more years of work. Looking forward to having a fully functioning public studio again soon. It was a pleasure to meet the community through the artform that I enjoy most.

  • Date: 2009 - 2016
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