First Samples

A few years after moving to Austin, with the help, support, encouragement and vast array of skills of my then husband, Tristan Gross, I embarked upon a new adventure: to create a place that approached the cottage industry of sewing in a way that was intended to connect designers, sewing enthusiasts, patternmakers and other potential industry professionals in the community. My goal was to bring people out of their kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, attics and basements to share their special skills and knowledge with each other.

The result was First Samples, a sewing and design studio and creative consultancy developed to nurture and propagate the art and craft of garment construction. From the Sewing Boot Camp to the more advanced patternmaking courses, First Samples provided a multidisciplinary approach able to seamlessly translate ideas into experiences. The concept behind First Samples was honored nationally by Time Magazine, The Today Show, Taunton Press and more.

Thank you for the adventure Tristan and all of the wonderful people who collaborated with me: Antoinette Perez, Tina Sparkles, Kelly Cazalas, Depina Kapila, Annie Taylor, Lucy Wood and so many more. And a deep, heartfelt thanks to all of my students who taught me so much, some of who became great friends. So many good memories and so much love being sent out to all of you from me.

  • Date: 2005 - 2009
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